Our Open Initiatives

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Open Textbooks

In August 2018, we published the first open textbook in social work education which was adopted at five US and six international campuses, saving students over $14,000 in the first semester alone!

We also catalog open textbooks of interest to social workers and those published outside of OSWE. We’re happy to help anyone interested in publishing their own open textbook, joining an open textbook project, or reviewing an open textbook.

White iPad  by MaxPixel  CC-0

White iPad by MaxPixel CC-0

Research on OER

In the 2018-2019 academic year, we will complete first studies of OER in social work education. Our experimental studies at Radford University focus on the outcomes of students using an open textbook in undergraduate and graduate research methods classes. We are also undertaking the first study of textbook cost burden for social work students.

We would love to collaborate on empirical and theoretical evaluations of open textbooks, OER, open pedagogy, and policies that support open education.

Abundance  by Digital Buggu  CC-0

Abundance by Digital Buggu CC-0

Open Educational Resources

One of the most challenging aspects of working with OER is finding them. OSWE collaborators have organized resources as part of our OER Commons group. We also link to other repositories like Merlot and provide information on how to submit your resources to these repositories.

While not strictly OER, we also collect and organize Zero Textbook Cost preparations for social work courses that use library resources at no cost to the student.