Open by 2025

Open Social Work Education was founded with an ambitious goal: turn the core curriculum of social work open by 2025. For each domain of social work education (policy, research, theory, and practice), OWSE will facilitate the publication of a peer-reviewed open textbook and ancillary materials such as slideshows, activities, and quiz banks. How can we accomplish such an ambitious task?

In short, we will create working groups for each core domain. First, these working groups will submit for grant funds through state and university sources to support the creation of an undergraduate textbook. Each group’s textbook will come in both web/HTML editions (hosted on Pressbooks) and print editions (published at cost via Amazon). OSWE will work with university librarians to find peer reviewers for each textbook via the Open Textbook Network reviewer grant program. After pilot testing and peer review of the undergraduate book are complete, the working group will follow the same process for a graduate textbook.

The research methods working group has already begun its work. In August 2018, we published Scientific Inquiry in Social Work, an open textbook on research methods for undergraduate students this summer, we are (in Fall 2018) soliciting peer review from educators and building ancillary materials including a quiz bank, slideshows, and scaffolded activities. A second edition of the undergraduate textbook will be completed in August 2020 that will incorporate interactive design elements and formative assessments.

In Fall 2018, we began work on a graduate research methods textbook. Multi-Paradigmatic Research Methods (working title) represents a collaboration across multiple institutions and disciplines. The final product will include interactive content and formative assessments, following best practices in instructional design. Our target date for the publication of our first edition is August 2019. We are actively seeking funding for our project through the Virginia Libraries OER Grant Program.